Heavily Armed Winston
Mother 4: The New Pig King
Status Boss, Shield
Nom de guerre Heavily Armed Winston
Level 64
Hit points 7428
Psychic points 9999
Offense 184
Defense 196
IQ 61
Speed 53
Vulnerable to Explosives
Location The top of Winston's Tower
In-battle theme Winston's Unfounded Revenge
Heavily Armed Winston is a boss in Mother 4: The New Pig King. After Gavin and his friends almost destroy the remains of Porky and find out about Giygas, Winston will arrive in a gigantic yellow robotic exoskeleton furious that they have found out about Giygas's plan, and insist that they have "dug their own graves", and will then tell them, "Prepare to be destroyed!". His battle theme is Winston's Unfounded Revenge.


  • Firing a beam. (causes ridiculous amounts of damage, but cannot get smash hits and only hits one party member)
  • Comes out swinging. (Can get smash hits, but misses often and only hits one party member)
  • PSI Fire ˠ and Ω
  • PSI Freeze ˠ and Ω
  • PSI Thunder ˠ and Ω
  • PSI Flash Ω
  • PSI Starstorm Ω (only after Winston talks)


Before this battle, make sure to give Amir the Gleaming Pendant and Louie the Franklin Badge. Make Gavin set up a Shield Ω and heal when necessary. Have Chloe fire away with Freeze Ω. Make sure Louie uses the Shield Deconstructer on the first turn to get rid of Winston's shield, but after fire all the explosives you have, including the Legendary Bazooka if you decided to get it. If you want a quick battle, have Amir use Ground Ω, but if you want more of a challenge, use Ground ɑ or just hit hard with physical attacks. Winston talks three times, but always after he does he hits hard with a Starstorm Ω. Make sure to be prepared for this, and you might want Gavin to use Lifeup Ω on the same turn, or renew the shield. Staying alive is the most important thing, but don't forget to keep hitting hard.