Runaway Dog
Mother 4: The New Pig King
Status Enemy
Level 2
Hit points 20
Psychic points 0
Offense 3
Defense 4
IQ 1
Speed 14
Experience reward 5
Wealth $3
Drops Cookie (16/128)
Location Grassy Valleys (before three-year-gap), Castle City (at nighttime)
In-battle theme Back Beat Battle
Runaway Dogs are enemies in Mother 4: The New Pig King. They are considered to be the weakest enemy in the game and have no special abilities other than wasting a turn barking and once in a while biting for minimum damage. They are found in the Grassy Valleys while Gavin looks for Judy, and patrolling Castle City at night while you are controlling Chloe. After the Pigmasks take over Castle City, they are replaced by Reconstructed Canines, which are much stronger. It's battle theme is Back Beat Battle.


  • Howls into the air. (wastes a turn in battle)
  • Bites someone. (can get smash hits)


  • This enemy recieved a nerf from Earthbound, lowering it's attack, defense, speed, and dropping Cookies instead of Bread Rolls, but gives you more experience.