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"Why, if it isn't the pests of the mountain. I'm so sorry I've had to take your sister away from you, but it's for a good cause, I swear. Now, if you'd be good lower life-forms, I won't have to cause any more trouble."
— Winston (Mother 4)
Also known as New leader, Pig King, Son
Age 12
Origin Unknown, presumably Castle City
Relatives Mayor Richards, Hillary
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Location Castle City, Pigmask HQ
Appears in Mother 4: The New Pig King
Winston Saxon (ウィンストン·サクソンWinston-Saxon) is the son of the mayor of Castle City, Mayor Richards and the main antagonist of Mother 4: The New Pig King. He is described as being carefree and innocent before his mind became a pawn to the evil alien Giygas. He quickly took control of the Pigmask Army, who accepted them as their new leader and began to fufill Giygas's plans to destroy the four heroes, starting with Judy, who he made a robotic chimera with the help of the Pigmask Colonel.